The Beads texture has raised bumps and is one of the heavier embossing types in the Dreamscape product line.

Black Flash

Black Flash is a highly reflective black-chromed inkjet media that produces eye-catching sparkle under room light conditions.


This texture is a reproduction of fine cabretta leather. The creased surface gives a look similar to calfskin; it is often used with colors, patterns, and prints to simulate leather and is great for accenting a point of interest mural with a western touch.


The canvas surface replicates the look of utilitarian canvas. The woven texture has a realistic fabric-like appearance that softens details and adds a rough threaded dimension. Besides its most common use in wall murals, canvas has been used in fine art applications and is also a popular texture for indoor banners as the texture looks like a fabric.

Copper Flash

Copper Flash is a highly reflective chromed inkjet media that produces eye-catching sparkle under room light conditions. Copper Flash has a brush textured background

Criss Cross

The Criss Cross texture is a very subtle, elegant, and unique look. The pattern of the embossing is formed between crossing diagonal lines in a very tight weave.

Gold Flash

Gold Flash highly reflective gold-chromed inkjet media produces eye-catching sparkle under room light conditions.


Matte is a flat finish with a slight tooth suitable for photographic and detailed designs. This smooth surface is recommended for crisp, sharp edged designs with large color area. A shiny alternative would be Luster.


Mystical texture is often described as a light cobweb and one that simulates the look of hand painted brush strokes. Mystical is a suitable surface for almost any image. It provides just enough texture to make your project stand out, without interfering with the printed design.


Pueblo embossing has a slightly cracked plaster effect. It is popular for an old world or southwestern adobe wall look. Recommended for residential and commercial applications where custom theme artwork sets the tone.

Sand Blast

Sand Blast embossing is a heavier stipple (when compared to dreamscape Suede), with the look and feel of a medium to heavy sand paper. The random nature of the texture is suitable for just about any graphic project.


Silk is a gorgeous, natural texture that will bring sophistication to prints. The Silk texture has a medium depth, with small horizontal raised lines randomly dispersed, as well as smooth areas. The embossing creates a convincing fabric like appearance.

Silver Flash

Silver Flash is a highly reflective silver inkjet media that produces eye-catching sparkle under room light conditions.


The suede embossing is similar to suede fabric with its nap and texture. It has a light stipple surface that can be utilized for nearly any project. The light texture works well to reduce glare from direct light, while adding warmth to the print. Suede is a very popular option for wall murals because the random natural texture does not interfere with any print.